Pax Environmental, Inc. is a veteran-owned environmental consulting firm offering a range of professional services including ecological restoration; water quality analysis; wildlife biology; environmental regulatory permitting; GIS services; and, multidisciplinary project management.

Founders, Brandon Titus and Brian Holly first met in 1987, while growing up in southern California. It was during those formative years, surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest and the nearby the Ventura River watershed, that they both developed an appreciation for the natural environment. After high school, Brandon attended West Point, and went on to serve as a captain in the United States Army. Brian took to the natural sciences, and completed his bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Cruz, and then his master’s degree at Duke University.

When Brandon returned from his final tour in Iraq, he found it difficult to readjust to civilian life, as is common for veterans of war. Brian recognized this in his friend and colleague, and helped him to reconnect to the natural world. It was this connection that inspired Brandon to complete his master’s degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability, and in 2012 the two embarked on a peaceful adventure together. Pax Environmental, Inc. was founded with the intention of providing environmental services to a growing world. The company is inspired by the concept of “Pax Americana” - the state of relative peace regarded as overseen by the United States and the United Kingdom after a significant period of world wars.